The Asia Big Data Association (ABDA) is established in 2016 and a registered Society with the Registry of Societies, Government of Singapore (UEN: T16SS0198A).

ABDA aims to promote big data research and collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region by leading interaction amongst industrial practitioners, government agencies, and academics. Such tripartite interaction allows all to benefit: academics get first-hand exposure to real world big data problems, while industrial partners and government practitioners learn about the latest cutting-edge developments in Big Data research and their potential in applications.

ABDA aims to be the bridge between academia and industry. Through our events and activities, we hope to facilitate the stimulation and exchange of fresh ideas, leading to new practical applications of latest big data techniques such as deep learning and graph social networks, etc across different areas.

ABDA prides itself as the only body addressing big data issues and challenges specific to the Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific’s unique challenge is the fragmented data owned by different organisations and companies. Regulations and privacy requirements vary significantly among organisations and regions. As such, data-owners are inclined to exercise firm control of their data instead of sharing it or any derivative knowledge. Moreover, key big data technologies such as NoSQL and Deep Learning, have not yet been widely adopted by businesses and agencies.

Collaborating to Resolve Common Challenges

ABDA offers a unique forum for stakeholders – hardware and software developers, data providers, enterprise users, policy makers, and researchers – local experts in particular, to collaborate on the specific requirements of the Asian market. As a collaborative forum, ABDA seeks to accelerate the growth of the regional big data market by removing obstacles and leveraging on opportunities available through our network of multinational corporations (MNC), small and medium enterprises (SME), government agencies, Non-Government Organisations (NGO), and individuals.

ABDA’S Mission

To establish collaboration among big data stakeholders in Asia and accelerate the growth of the big data market by:

  • Providing a platform for members to discuss growth strategies, share ideas, and establish policies and best practices relating to the big data ecosystem.
  • Ensuring that the interests of the big data community are effectively represented in public policies and standards debates.
  • Defining and supporting requirements that promote the big data ecosystem.
  • Encouraging the rapid adoption of big data technologies and standards.
  • Educating the business and consumer communities on the importance of big data products and services.
  • Promoting market demand for big data products and services.
  • Collaborating with organizations whose interests and goals are aligned with ABDA.
  • Promoting the common interests and benefits of ABDA members.
  • Addressing concerns and issues raised by members and government representatives, in accordance with local governing laws.