Asia Big Data Association Meetup 3: Impact and Issues of Big Data on Businesses Today

With the ubiquity of Big Data in today's world, almost every business is relying on data to help them understand their customers better and surpass their competitors in value creation for their customers.

For its third Meetup, the Asia Big Data Association invites experts from three different industries to talk about the application of Big Data in their lines of work, as well as the challenges faced and trends moving forward.


1. Dr CAO Hong, Head of Data Science, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd

Hong CAO is the head of data science for Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd (EY Advisory). He is responsible to set up and manage EY’s ASEAN data science team, and lead the data science projects through the pipeline starting from presales, scoping to delivery. He is also a data science evangelist and advises the higher management on the current data science technologies and the undertaken strategy. He has published about 50 scientific publications in top-tier venues of machine learning, data mining and signal processing. His work in data-driven image forensics received the best paper award in IWDW 2010 and honorary mention in ISCAS 2010. He is also winner of multiple international data science competitions, such as GE Flight Quest in 2013 and OPPORTUNITY activity recognition challenge in 2011. He currently chairs the IEEE signal processing society, Singapore chapter.

Topic : Deliver Value with Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, data analysis & modelling, and business processes to extract valuable information, knowledge or insights from data in various forms for achieving data-driven intelligence. In today’s consulting world, data science services have to be value-focused and integrated with business domain in order to be successful. In this talk, I will first overview the current data analytics landscape and a few of its functional areas. I will also touch on several data science use cases in different domains, such as skill analysis and flight arrival prediction, to highlight a hybrid approach. At last, I will summarize several common challenges and pitfalls that data scientists shall be conscious and mindful to address in their practice.

Dr CAO Hong (EY Advisory)

2. Dr LIN Xin, Head, Analytics, Media Strategy & Analytics, Singapore Press Holdings

Dr Lin obtained his first degree in Chemical Physics and Electronic Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China and obtained his PhD in Computational Physics at the National University of Singapore. He had conducted academic research in large scale simulation and statistical method for computational Biology at the Nanyang Technological University, and was also Senior Data Scientist at Lynx Analytics. He currently leads the Analytics Team in the division of Media Strategy and Analytics at Singapore Press Holdings. Dr Lin has diverse experiences in the telecom, banking, location based analytics, retail, marketing and web analytics industries.

Topic : The digital transformation of SPH

With the proliferation of digital media, the traditional media is facing staggering challenges. As SPH undergoes a digital transformation, we will also look at how wej can maximize our reach by print papers at the same time. During the presentation, we will:

  • Understand the newspaper penetration of different area and targeted conversion.
  • Look at SPH's daily retail sales optimization model and deployment.

Dr LIN Xin (SPH)

3. Mr Salman JAFFER, CFA - Technology Lead, Thomson-Reuters

Salman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has led many financial services risk, trading and technology implementations from concept to finish across the globe for over 15 years. Previously, as Head of Data Science at Sentifi, Salman combined his rare skill set of strong knowledge in technology and finance to formulate and deliver unique solutions to classical machine learning and advanced deep learning problems. Salman holds a degree and a number of professional qualifications in the fields of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Finance. He is currently the Head of TMS / BOLD in Singapore focusing on NLP Problems for clients. In his spare time, Salman likes rock climbing, Muay Thai and running.

Mr Salman Jaffer, CFA (Thomson Reuters)